GLPIEF Welcomes New Board Member

Greater Latrobe Partners in Education Foundation (GLPIEF) is pleased to welcome new board member Pam Mt. Joy.  Pam has been volunteering for GLPIEF since its inception in 2012.

Mt. Joy says, “I am deeply honored to join the GLPIEF and continue the support of the Foundations tremendous work being done to benefit the students of GLSD.  My husband, Ray and I were co-chairs of the A+ Campaign which was the major fundraiser for GLSD capital improvements in the areas of academics, arts and athletics.  Since my husband’s passing this year, I truly welcome the opportunity to join the Foundation Board to continue the supportive efforts Ray and I have believed in for so long.  Volunteering my time to support the educational growth of the students in my second home of Latrobe is my honor and will carry on what Ray and I valued together.”

Pam Mt. Joy is a graduate of Texas Tech University where she studied elementary education.  After college, Mt. Joy worked in corporate marketing, teaching in Spring Independent School District and then took time to be a stay-at-home mother to her son Tyler.  In 2003, Pam began to work at Xeray Systems, an oil trading business, as the Office Manager.  Her husband Ray had founded the business in 1995 and they worked side-by-side until their retirement in 2013.  Pam has been a dedicated volunteer in her native Texas especially in the areas of education.  Her experiences included being the Co-President of The Woodlands High School Quarterback Club which is a nonprofit that supplemented the football program and provided scholarships to players.  Pam is also a founding and current board member of The Woodlands High School Art Trust which was modeled after the GLSD Art Conservation Trust.  Since its inception, The Woodlands High School has purchased 30 paintings for the high school.

Pam is joining the volunteer board of directors comprised of parents, alumni, and civic and business leaders committed to effectively governing the Greater Latrobe Partners in Education Foundation.  The board includes David B. Arnold; Robert Demangone; Dr. Rhonda Laughlin: Dana L. Marcinko; Michael J. Rossi; Bradley E.Smith, Esq.; Dorothy M. Staffen; Lester R. Sutton; Judith A. Swigart and Maryann White-Helfferich.  The officers of the GLPIEF Board include Jessica S. Urbanik, president; Julie L. Jones vice president; Keith M. Visconti, treasurer and James R. Okonak, secretary.  GLPIEF’s mission is to ensure the highest level of education innovation supporting GLSD students, faculty and staff with community involvement in a partnership of lifetime learning through philanthropic and volunteer opportunities.   To learn more about the GLPIEF please visit

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  1. Nancy Rusbosin says:

    Thank you Pam for all of your generosity and time given freely to this community. We are all saddened by Ray’s passing and respect your integrity of always moving forward.

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