We’re All in This Together

Greater Latrobe School District (GLSD) started formal online instruction on March 19, 2020 for all students in grades K-12.   The GLSD administration and staff had begun preparation for continuing instruction in the days prior to the official March 15th notice of the state-wide school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Superintendent Dr. Georgia Teppert stated, “We know this mandatory school closing greatly impacts our families and staff.  To ensure the continuity of some services, the District’s administration has developed a multi-faceted plan to provide take-home meals, continue instruction for our students and address essential District operations. I want to thank Greater Latrobe staff and families for working together to continue instruction for our students.  Our school community will continue to persevere and get through this difficult situation together. Please visit glsd.us for updates and know that online instruction will continue for all students until further notice.”  

The ability for GLSD to start online instruction so quickly was in large part the result of a longstanding district-wide initiative to create GLOBAL classrooms equipped with 21st century learning tools.  The GLOBAL Classrooms initiative included adopting the Google for Education G Suite learning platform, use of Chromebooks by students/staff and utilizing online textbooks/software. The Greater Latrobe Partners in Education Foundation (GLPIEF) has been a partner in creating GLOBAL classrooms and that investment has paid off in new ways for students. Today many GLSD students are using Chromebooks at home that were purchased with the help of GLPIEF grant funding. GLPIEF is continually grateful to our donors for their commitment to supporting Greater Latrobe students and giving them the tools to be successful and resilient in challenging circumstances.  

GLPIEF is an independent public charity dedicated to encouraging community-wide participation and philanthropy in order to enhance and expand enrichment opportunities for all GLSD students and ensure long-range financial flexibility for schools within the District. GLPIEF will be working with the GLSD administration to help ensure the safety of all students and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Community members, parents and alumni have asked how they can help students during this difficult time.  GLPIEF has established a Wildcats Emergency Fund that supports students in need. Please email [email protected] to learn more or you can make a donation by visiting glpief.org/donate.

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